​​Who is Valentines Day?

Interview spotlight by JD Martin

In the gritty realm of punk rock, where rebellion meets passion, a powerful queer female force is making waves – Valentines Day. This dynamic band has been turning heads and breaking stereotypes throughout the state. In a recent interview, we had the chance to delve into their electrifying journey, from playing iconic venues to creating unforgettable memories in the sweaty basements of New Brunswick.

Valentines Day Band
The 5 members of Valentines Day, image via @valentinesdaynb

Valentines Day Origins 

Valentines Day comprises Sarah on lead vocals, Nishta on drums, Aria on guitar and vocals, Stage on guitar, and Emily holding it down on bass. They emerged from the vibrant underground punk scene in New Brunswick as a concoction of fierce determination and unbridled creativity. The band is a testament to the unyielding spirit of its members, each bringing their unique flair to the table. Valentines Day has carved a distinct niche in the music landscape with influences ranging from classic punk pioneers to modern alternative sounds.

Iconic Venue Experiences

Having graced the stages of renowned venues like the Stone Pony and Bowery Electric, Valentines Day has proven they can hold their own among the punk elite and renown alike. Over the past years the band to reach broader audiences and gain recognition for their electrifying performances. I saw the for the first time live at the Chubby Pickle during their LGBTQI+ Music Series Celebration. After hearing the same tiring sounds, their unique style and stage presences immediately caught my attention. The raw energy and spirit of Valentines Day give them everything they need to rock these legendary venues.

Check out their single, “Modelo” 

Basement Chronicles

While playing at iconic venues is undoubtedly exhilarating, some of the most memorable moments for Valentines Day have unfolded in the most unexpected places – the sweaty basements of New Brunswick. These intimate settings, pulsating with the raw energy of dedicated fans, create an atmosphere where music transcends the boundaries between performers and audience. You miss out if you’ve never been to a New Jersey hardcore basement show. The crowd is packed into a small basement, sometimes tight as sardines, and the action-packed atmosphere and immense talents displayed would make you think the whole house was Madison Square. These venus are indeed the crucibles of creation and have given rise to another champion in Valentines Day.

The Wild Crowds

Valentines Day thrives on the energy of their audience, and there’s nothing quite like the chaos of a mosh pit to fuel their performance. The band reminisces about shows where fans went wild, creating a swirling vortex of excitement in those basement gigs. In these moments of shared chaos, the connection between Valentines Day and their audience intensifies, creating an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Valentines Day Band

Valentines Day live, image via @valentinesdaynb

The Unique Blend of Chaos and Love

Valentines Day’s music is a potent blend of chaos and love, rebellion and vulnerability. Their lyrics delve into the complexities of life, love, and societal norms, echoing the struggles and triumphs of their audience. The band’s ability to navigate the dichotomy of raw, unbridled energy and heartfelt emotion sets them apart in the punk landscape.

As Valentine’s Day continues to captivate audiences in iconic venues and sweaty basements alike, their journey is a testament to the enduring power of music. This female punk band leaves an indelible mark on the music scene with a fearless attitude and a sound that resonates with rebellion. Keep an eye on Valentines Day as they navigate the chaos and love, leading the charge for the next generation of punk rock. Follow Lucid Media Blog for more young local artists, shaking up the New Jersey Music scene.