Traveling the Universe with Jupiter X-9

JupiterX9 Keystone Colorado

Jupiter X-9’s Rob Hunkele sat down with Tina LoBosco to introduce us to one of our newest JSJBF member bands. 

Jupiter X-9 came together because Ed, our bass player, wanted to play music with a soul-jazz-funk-rock-sci-fi vibe with Hammond organ being a big part of it. So, we put the ad on Craigslist to try to recruit such a person. Only one person answered our ad and that was Gary, our fabulous Hammond organ player. Ed had Vince in mind for the drum chair and Nick, our tenor sax player, is Gary’s cousin. And that all came together in the autumn of 2021.

Jupiter X-9 influences include Lou Donaldson, Jimmy Smith, Soulive, MMW, The Meters, Maceo Parker, Bill Frisell, Groove Holmes, Jerry and Merle, Herbie Hancock, acoustic music, astronomy, sci-fi and so on. . . . 

Our creative process includes many rehearsals which we record to an eight track. We are always on the hunt for new material. But the material we choose to play is from a wide variety of sources and we make it our own. We play stuff a person may not expect to hear; for example, we may play in our set Miles and Monk, but we may also play something simple and beautiful like Amazing Grace. We’ve even had Ravel’s Bolero in our set. A Jupiter X-9 show is full of sonic surprises.

Jupiter X-9 would love to open any music festivals that would have us. This is where we feel our audience is at. Reaching as many people as possible with our feel-good groovy vibe is Jupiter X-9’s mission.