JSJBF Scholarship Recipient Update – Andy Ahlborn

Andy Ahlborn
Andy Ahlborn

Andy Ahlborn, one of our 2019 JSJBF scholarship recipients, enrolled in the University of Delaware and joined the marching band. The marching band escorted the university’s most famous alumnus, President Joseph Biden, to the Inauguration ceremony. Andy, who is also a member of the band Sunsets From Jupiter, was a drummer at today’s historic event. 

Joseph Vincent Riggio was able to speak with Andy after the Inauguration and his comments were “It was surreal to have the honor to play this event. With COVID and the intense security, I was really thankful for the opportunity to escort an UD alumnus to the highest office the United States. I am still convinced that this experience was a long dream, but it is one I will remember.”  

What a unique opportunity for him, and we at the Jersey Shore Jazz & Blues Foundation are very proud of his accomplishments. Also, Sunsets From Jupiter will be playing the Chubby Pickle on February 20th.

Congratulations Andy Ahlborn!