Reckless Streamy Nights

The last Friday in March ended a thirteen-month hiatus for Reckless Steamy Nights, which due to ongoing COVID restrictions was live-streamed without an audience from the Anthony Reckless Estate, hence the name change.

One of our member bands, Fish Eyed Blues, graciously performed gratis and thanks to some of our loyal viewers we were able to raise some much-needed funds to help keep the Foundation on its feet during this most difficult time. We thank The Women’s Club of Red Bank for allowing us to present this event in the newly refurbished house. After a brief introduction from our President, the band played a 90-minute set comprised of a great mixture of classic blues, tunes from their current CD, “Nothing Personal” as well as new tunes from their forthcoming as yet untitled disc.

They kicked off the night with a new track called “Going Home” a straight ahead rocker with a great guitar hook courtesy of Jeff Bavaro on the Les Paul Sunburst. Two songs from “Nothing Personal” followed, “The Runaround “ and “ Bye Bye Baby” with outstanding vocals by Paul Iannizzotto. The band then dug deep into the well for the classics “Honey Hush”, “Sweet Home Chicago”, “The Thrill Is Gone” and Further On Up The Road” with Jeff switching to the Goldtop.

They then switched gears for some unreleased tunes, ”Sweet Sugar Momma” and “Goodbye”. After the covers “Sell My Monkey” and “Tell Me That You Love Me”, the played two new tunes “Undone “ and “Whole Lotta Nothing”. The latter was my favorite tune of the night, propelled by the Bo Diddley beat of drummer Kevin Crouse and the solid bass playing of Rich Solomon, this ode to life in the time of COVID was sparked by the personal experience of the vocalist Paul who after a clandestine rehearsal session during lockdown recalled driving home and not see another soul during the trip! The final tune was another up tempo original called “Cigarettes” and the band was joined on backup vocals by surprise guest Miss Kimmie.

A great night of live music from the Reckless Estate, more than a year in the making.