Welcome Our Newest and Returning Community Members!

Membership is a vital component needed for JSJBF to carry out its important mission. Our membership consists of individuals, families, bands and venues. We cannot accomplish our mission alone. 

We extend our gratitude to all new members and those who renewed their memberships.


Danny Coleman’s Rock On Radio


XL Jazz Band
Mark Margolias Band
The New Watchdog Blues Band
The Smokey Grey Band
Joe Zook & Blues Deluxe

Family Memberships

Larry & Donna Adelman (& band membership)
Ken and Lisa Durrua
Luca Gennarelli
Alan Ostrowitz
John Peana
Roberta & Religh Truit


Geri Bagheri
Michael Feniello
Kathleen Foley
Jim Henry
Jack Kessler
Steve Magliacane
Ralph Pucci
Kate Rafferty
Tammina Reason
Joanne Sinnott
Audrey Tesora
Richard Vornbaum


Membership info and our JSJBF Community Directory of bands and venues.