Membership Committee

The Membership Committee’s charter is to promote membership in jersey Shore Jazz and blues Foundation and to support the mission of the JSJBF.

The Membership Committee is a standing committee of the JSJBF

The committee will include eligible members in good standing

 The committee will meet on a regular basis, dates and times established by the committee. 


Institute and assist with quarterly Membership meetings

 Submit content relevant to the interests of members for website

Functions and responsibilities

  • Provide input/suggestions to expand/ improve services and add value to membership.
  •  Provide input/suggestions on how to increase membership to further support JSJBF initiatives
  • Actively recruit new members and promote and encourage participation in JSJBF
  • Follow up with any potential members  contacted to address questions, provide additional information, and help facilitate their joining JSJBF
  • assist with tasks and functions for festivals, shows, membership meetings and other musical events
  • Assess membership needs through instruments such as surveys and questionnaires or other methods suggested by the Board, and communicate the members needs to the Board
  • Assist with fundraising and obtaining donations

Interested in volunteering? Send an email with the word “volunteer” in the title to

Hope to hear from you!