The Newest JSJBF Venue Member – The Chubby Pickle

The Chubby Pickle

The Jersey Shore Jazz and Blues Foundation, JSJBF, is happy to welcome our newest venue member – the Chubby Pickle in the Highlands.

performing at the Chubby Pickle

The owners of this bar and grill, Adam and Craig had a vision of establishing the business as a music venue and enlisted JSJBF Board member Joseph Vincent Riggio who began working with the venue in January 2019.

Producing music through his business, J V ARCHER ENTERTAINMENT he created events that included local artists and a youth open mic.

On March 15, 2020, Joseph produced A Freeform/Experimental Jazz Jubilee in which he also performed. The next day we went into lockdown and the business along with many others was shuttered. Fortunately, in August we were allowed outside performances and the Mark LaRochelle Youth Open Mic held an event on August 15th, and on Aug 30th J V ARCHER ENTERTAINMENT had a Sunday Jazz Cafe’. More about J V ARCHER ENTERTAINMENT @Jvarcherentertainment on Instagram and Facebook.

CAMP JUNIOR HICKS (Joseph Vincent Riggio)

It wasn’t until June 22nd that they were allowed to reopen with outdoor service only but live music was still a long way off. The Chubby Pickle took that time to give the place a fresh coat of paint, new flooring, an upgraded stage, and sound system as well as an expanded menu.

Since the Mark LaRochelle Memorial Youth Open Mic was unable to continue their monthly open mic nights at the Red Bank Woman’s Club, Joseph spoke with the owners about moving it temporarily outdoors at the Chubby Pickle in August and then indoors in September. It will continue there as long as possible, based on weather and COVID restrictions.

A Real Human Jazz Band 

Shows are more streamlined starting and ending earlier, but the response has been very good for these events as well as the Sunday, August 30th Jazz cafe featuring the Twin Lights Tap House and member band Audra Mariel & A Real Human Jazz Band. 

All this proves The Chubby Pickle remains dedicated to building a culture of music yet unseen in this area and beyond. They have established, and continue to support, a true music scene for all ages with no boundaries on style or genre allowing for an authentic renaissance in the area.

Drop-in on a show.

They have free parking, a great ever-expanding menu, fairly priced drinks, and the friendliest staff on the Jersey Shore!

Check them out on and on Social media Instagram @the_chubby_pickle and and #NJHighlandsMusicHub