JSJBF October Membership Meeting & JAM Session REVIEW

JSJBF Membership Meeting-Jam202110

The sophomore JSJBF Colts Neck Inn Jam was an overwhelming success. The evening, which shared the stage with the Quarterly Membership meeting, was kicked off by JSJBF President Tom Baldino. Tom addressed the crowd with updates on the Foundation and some of the new initiatives unfolding as we continue to grow.

Many of the “jammers” and Community members showed up early, got on Jam Host, Jack Pic’s players list and packed the choice seats around the bar. The jam kicked off at 7 sharp with the first crew setting the tone for another evening of smoking live blues. The sign in sheet was filled with an assortment of 40 top players. Vocalists, guitarists, bassists, drummers, harps, keys and horns put up their best for the fans. Host Jack and his crew managed to get 12 rotations up with three song sets. That covered everyone that signed up to participate. Every minute of the 7-10pm time slot (even a little over) was packed with talent and great times. The night closed with a roaring set by Michael Rochelle of the 2021 IBC band winners, The Shadetree Mechanics. The dancing and partying brought it all together. Let’s also remember the great Community members and their very creative costumes to make the evening more fun and festive. Great food, drink and outstanding Blues were a recipe for an outstanding evening.

Photos from this JAM Session

Jack has cast is net further north in hopes of attracting some new members to the upcoming jams. The next jam is November 17th. If you like what you are seeing, hearing and enjoying, please take a look at joining the Jersey Shore Jazz and Blues Foundation. It’s a great nonprofit that supports live music, education, veterans and community outreach.

Also, a very special shout out to Chris Martell, Walter Doberentz and his son for donating the missing parts of a now awesome drum kit. Through those unselfish donations, the gear is up to the challenge of some of the best drummers in the area. Thanks Chris and Walter!

Sounds Great,

John Dammacco