JSJBF ‘Faces in the Crowd’

The Face­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­-Michelle Frasche

Michelle with Sax Master husband Frank

Writers copy:  John Dammacco

If you’ve been in the scene for while you know Michelle Frasche.  Big smile, happy upbeat personality, always on the spot with camera, snapping treasured moments.  I met Michelle 6-7 years ago.  My first foray to the Gary Cavico Jam at the Spring Meadow Inn. It was a packed house, dance floor rocking place where Michelle was ever present with party hats, sparklers, masks..you get it.  She always makes the event special.  Let’s not forget her devotion to Mickey Mouse and Disney. (Maybe it’s why the happiest place is where she’s hanging out.) She’s a great lover of live music and Frank is known to really deliver the horn.  Be sure and say hello next time you she her out.

Tell us about yourself:

I’ve been a music fan forever (all types of music) My husband Frank and I went to many clubs and venues back in the day. There were many jazz and blues clubs in North Jersey that are long gone.  We saw legendary people play live.

Tell us why yours a fan of Blues and Jazz Music

Frank and I love jazz and blues and went to many jazz venues throughout the years.  Blues music has a strong emotional feel to it for people that enjoy it.

Who’s your favorite band to see love.. tell us a bit about that

Really too many to mention, but Tommy Castro and the Painkillers are always great live.  Many great local bands also.

Where’s your favorite local live music venue to see our Bands.

The Chubby Pickle has been great

Is there one event that stands out in your mind as a “wow” moment, tell us about it

Allman Brothers Band live at the Capital Theatre around the same time that Live at the Fillmore was out.  Saw the original band and members and they were GREAT!