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Blues-influenced band with a rock-solid drive.
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Jump Back is a New Jersey-based blues-influenced band with a rock solid drive. A high concentration towards concise melodic arrangement and vocal harmonies are present. The resulting sonic picture will keep you wanting more! Jump Back’s foundation is forged with Emilio Ramil on drums and John Charles on Bass. Together, their powerful rhythms drive Jump Back through the night. Jack Pic's powerful, blistering leads and guitar work combined with Wayne Kessler's artfully tasteful rhythm guitar and unsurpassed ripping harmonica leads complete the band and its sound. All 4 take trips to the mic for a rich vocal presence. The mortar that binds this band is the commonality of hard-driven rock, blues & R&B influences. Their original compositions blend seamlessly with their crafted covers. Paying homage to the original artists and showing a unique perspective all their own.

Jump Back's first single Blues In The Red debuted on Goldie's Garage on SiriusXM's Underground Garage on October 16th.
"Jump Back does anything BUT give you the blues. Their interpretations of old standards mixed with top-notch originals are a shot of adrenaline in the arm of an industry bordering on life-support. Great stage presence, fantastic musicianship; the total package. "Blues In The Red" delivers in a big way worthy of any collection no matter what your taste in music." - Danny Coleman, Rock on Radio.
Link - www.reverbnation.com/rpk/jumpback

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