Jersey Shore Jazz and Blues Foundation expands its support team and relocates to Red Bank

The Jersey Shore Jazz and Blues Foundation (JSJBF), in preparation for a very busy 2004 year has hired a new support team and moved the headquarters to 223 Maple Ave., Red Bank. With the growth of the foundation over the past few years, President Nicky Coppola said, ” if we are going to grow, we might as well grow in our own backyard, Red Bank”. The JSJBF has retained PlanetConnect of Red Bank as the Foundation Manager, Judy Hathaway as the Foundation’s new Executive Director, and Jewell Marketing Associates, Inc. as the Public Relations Agency.

The Jersey Shore Jazz & Blues Foundation has a full schedule of events planned for for this year that includes producing the 2004 Red Bank Jazz & Blues Festival, held the first weekend in June, as well as festivals, educational and musical events throughout New Jersey. “We are very excited to have such a strong support team so that we can continue the strong momentum that the foundation has built in the Jersey Shore area,” said Nicky Coppola. “2004 will be a rockin year !”

PlanetConnect, in addition to their role as Foundation Manager, returns as the Red Bank Jazz & Blues Festival sponsor coordinators. PlanetConnect is a full service conference, trade show and production management firm.

Judy Hathaway as the Executive Director, will focus her attention on grant writing and overall project management for the Foundation. Judy is well qualified for this position with years of corporate and non-profit experience.

Jewell Marketing Associates, Inc. returns for the second year as the Public Relations firm for the Foundation. Jewell Marketing Associates specializes in integrated branding, marketing communications and Public Relations.

The Jersey Shore Jazz and Blues Foundation is a nonprofit corporation whose mission is to preserve, promote, and perpetuate jazz and blues in the northern New Jersey shore region through performance and education. For more information about the JSJBF please call (732) 933-9473.