Jazz Café June 5th 2022

Dan Weeks Peterson Quintet jazz cafe 20220605 Chubby Pickle

By, Joseph Vincent Riggio


On June 5th member venue The Chubby Pickle hosted my J v Archer Entertainment Sunday Jazz Café featuring the Weeks/Peterson Quintet on a special day and time.

Drummer and group co-leader Dan Weeks planned on retiring from music after he stopped playing for close to two years during the pandemic. He was a part of the “The Jazzlamic Jihad” for decades, a well-known local jazz crew, and also plays in “Hammerhead Jazz.”  He said “I found I was just not as happy not playing.” Then he added “and I’m playing better than I ever did now . . . having fun.” He ably handled percussion all evening on his tight 5-piece trap set. His kick and snare were totally on point and he soloed quite a bit using his toms and cymbals to his advantage. 

The rhythm section remained tight on themes and loose on solos. Joe Peterson played fine upright bass on his 1936 classic instrument, holding down a steady pulse and soloing with smooth precision and beautiful tone generating from his fret hand. Steve Myerson played keys, punching out melodic solos throughout the two long sets enjoyed by the crowd. These three have a strong connection musically and communicate with quick glances guiding the tunes, often slickly arranging them on the fly. 

Dan Weeks Peterson Quintet

They brought two brand new members this evening, Liam Suttcliffe on his Bach Stat Trumpet and Matt Janiszewski on a vintage Selmer Tenor Sax. These two delighted everyone (including Dan, Joe and Steve) with their playing. Very fine players, both hitting every run and melody on point. 

The band opened up with the Miles classic “All Blues” with Liam establishing how he would solo this day, smooth staying mostly in the mid to lower register, then teasing with some quicker and higher runs keeping us engaged. Matt got to shine especially on the Wayne Shorter tune “Witch Hunt” expressing well and with clear tone. The two took many extended leads with head nods from the core crew for encouragement.

Dan Weeks Peterson Quintet

Others songs noted were “This I Dig of You,” “Up a Step” and “No Room for Squares” by Hank Mobley, and “One by One,” “Moanin’,” and “Ugetsu,” which are mostly associated with the Jazz Messengers. 

All in all, it was a fun-filled afternoon of quality jazz performed by local players of the finest caliber producing a show the best the Jersey Shore has to offer! 

Be there for newly-joined JSJBF band James Popik and Supernova on Saturday July 9th 2022 and new member Steve Bryant’s “Folk Jazz” crew RED123 on Saturday September 10th 2022 back on our regular day and time at The Chubby Pickle 6pm to 9PM.