Introducing Justin “JD” Martin

Jd Martins

Justin “JD” Martin is a Rutgers student, music fanatic, and part-time blogger. He grew up surrounded by jazz and R&B and spent most of his early life around his grandparents, becoming familiar with incredible talents like Nat King Cole and Miles Davis. He would later explore music through learning instruments and singing, becoming a national champion at the 2019 Berklee High School Jazz Festival. After high school, he attended Hampton University to study Music Production, Rowan for Business and is now a career environmental scientist.

JD is also the creative force behind Lucid Media, an endeavor born out of his inquisitiveness, passion for art, and deep-seated love for classical and jazz music nurtured during his school years.

Justin’s work embodies a commitment to empowering individuals through community. His mission is to give people the power to find experiences, artists, and places they’ve never heard of. 

For inquiries or collaborations, you can reach out to Justin at