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Reckless Steamy Nights

Friday, September 28, 2018


Andy B And Soul

8:00- 10:30 PM

Woman’s Club of Red Bank

164 Broad St., Red Bank, NJ 07701

Admission: $10

All donations go toward JSJBF Scholarship Funds

Performer:  Andy B And Soul


Andy B.AND proudly announces that his next solo recording (working title: Look What the Cat Dragged In) will be released on IOA Records in February 2019.  Putting in close to 30 years as primary singer-songwriter with The VooDUDES, Andy B. AKA Andy Bernstein made his first solo effort in 2017.  Entitled My Roots are Showing the project was released under the moniker Andy B.AND (as in “Andy B and whoever he’s playing with”). As with the first collection, John Pittas will co-produced, engineer and master in his home studio, Benet Street Underground.

My Roots are Showing found wide acceptance in the free-form, internet and college radio markets.  Various tunes from the recording gained rotation from Western Europe across the US and Canada to Tokyo, China, Australia and New Zealand. Further radio activity included a podcast interview on IMG/Mojo Radio and live features on Rock on Radio; Fishcreek Radio Presents; Music FridaysLive! in Los Angeles, and the Debbie Scott Radio Network

This widespread airplay garnered positive reviews among indie music purveyors, which lead IOA Records to Andy B.AND. IOA Records is a collective of radio curators, music management and journalists who also produce the Texas Indie Fest at Austin’s South By South West Festival.  And they’ve invited Andy B.AND to perform some of that music in Austin, TX, in March 2019.

The new collection will have a more unified alt-roots sound.  This is primarily due to: his love of eclectic roots genres and emotional, storytelling lyrics sung in a voice a reviewer labeled “the sound of a bourbon bottle lined with gravel,” along with the use of his band, SoulFolk, throughout the new recording.

Andy B.AND SoulFolk performances include Bourbon Street Blues Festival; the 2016-17 Light of Day Festivals; Reckless Cabaret, Delaware CanalFest, and Hub City Music Festival plus openers for The Fins and The Cynz.  SoulFolk members are : Gary Ambrosy (Gtr), Paul Daloia (Bass), and Greg Stier (Gtr) appeared on the CD; Bill Homeyer plays drums with the live band.

Sponsors:  The Law Firm of Zager & Fuchs

Moran & Zemla Dentistry       

Oppenheimer & Co. (Chris O’Conner)