February 2022 Blue Collar Blues Night

Blue Collar Blues at The Chubby Pickle

Join us for another exciting night of Blues at New Jersey’s newest musical hub.


20220211 Blue Collar Blues

HOSTED BY The Incinerators

Founded by Veteran, Jersey Shore Jazz & Blues Foundations’ board of trustees member and extremely capable ax man John Fernandez and supported by harp, bass, percussion and the Hot and Steamy vocal stylings of Little Miss Kimmy, their sound is solidly rooted in the blues tradition of the last several decades yet modern, fun and interesting delivered explosively guaranteed to set any crowd on fire. The Chubby Pickle is very happy again to have them host this special event.

FEATURING Kelley, Ellis and Flynn

An up-and-coming band of new collaborators of veteran musicians playing soulful, rocking blues. They are known for their creative interpretations of blues, blues rock, and R&B classics, instrumental virtuosity, dynamic vocals and energetic performances. They often play live with an additional keyboardist. Individually they’ve played with a diverse group of artists including Mark Knopfler, Billie Jo Spears, Mississippi blues singer John L. Watson, Plainfield Slim, BB and the Stingers, Bailey and the Boys, The Association’s Jim Yester, jazz guitarist Harry Leahy, NJ club stalwarts Bittersweet and Calico, NJ Blues Hall of Famers Johnny Charles and Tara Layne, and others.

  • Kevin Kelley: guitar, vocals and keys
  • Tony C Ellis: bass and vocals
  • Jim “JAMO” Flynn: drums and vocals

Stop in at The Chubby Pickle on Blue Collar Blues Night – February 11, 2022!