Colt’s Neck Inn Jam Review 6/8/22


 The eighth installment of the JSJBF CNI Jam was just that, Jammed.  We welcomed 40 players that turned into 13 complete 3 song sets of smoking blues.  The player’s roster was loaded with new players and veteran jammers.  The seats were packed with over 30 JSJBF members and blues fans to cap off a night of live music and friends. 

  To best describe this well attended and sought after jam is a ‘party’. Over 3 and 1/2hours of great live music in a venue that’s perfect for great food and drinks, moving around, catching up with friends (old and new), watching the bands from the front and even tearing up the dance floor.  Jam Host Jack Pic keeps the flow moving, Wayne and I create some epic line ups and keep the room sounding great.  We keep the ‘jam’ tradition straight up by putting the players up in the order that they signed up.  Sometimes crafting lineups to help the enthusiasts and pros work their magic together.  The outcome is always upbeat, rockin’ and special for everyone. 

  As we continue to grow and try to perfect the imperfectible, we remind the players to get on the sheet early.  The jam hours are 7:00- 10:30.  In a successful attempt to get everyone up, we ran way over.  The June 8th jam closed out after 11:30.  Going forward we will shut down around 10:30.  We will always do our best to accommodate everyone.  That might call for shorter sets toward the end of the night etc.  We ask for your understanding so get there early.  If you’re called up and choose to pass on the set, we’ll do our best to try and get you up later, no guarantees. Your best shot is when your name is called, get up and give it your all.

  Sign up, Get Up, Play up.  Fans and members, the best seats and tables fill early too!  Looking forward to seeing you all on July 13th