Allen de la Cruz

Board of Trustees

Allen de la Cruz is on the board of the Jersey Shore Jazz and Blues Foundation and is the Chair of the Technology Committee.

Allen is an avid guitarist, and his passion for technology is matched by his love for jazz and blues. As a board member of the Jersey Shore Jazz & Blues Foundation, he hopes to bring a unique perspective that merges his tech expertise with a deep appreciation for music. His vision is to leverage technological innovations to enhance the reach and impact of jazz and blues, ensuring these timeless genres continue to thrive and resonate with audiences worldwide.

He is a seasoned technology executive who has been at the forefront of digital media innovation for over 20 years including prior roles as Sr. Director of Engineering at Activision, SVP Engineering at Major League Gaming, and Architect for Yahoo’s Video Platform. Currently, Allen is at the helm of Tigre Tech, a NYC-based technology consultancy offering strategic guidance and development support for clients ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies.