Blues Trivia On Line

blues trivia

Looking for something to do during those long lonesome nights of “no giging”? Try this trivia game made especially for people like us who love blues and jazz. It is a game of trivia, with multiple-choice questions Challenge your friends and family with a contest to see who gets the most correct highest score, and practice your Score victory Dance

Here are some blues trivia questions to kick things off!

1. What is the name of the only instrumental song banned from radio?

a) Walk Don’t Run
b) Rumble
c) Bongo Rock

2. Who recorded the song?

a) ventures?
b) Link Wray
c) The Sugar Hill Gang

3. Who sang the first rock and roll song on television?

a) Elvis
b) Everly Bros
c)Ricky Neslson

3. Where is Congo Square?

a) Africa
b) Georgia
c) Louisiana

4. What was the nickname of jazz trumpeter and singer, Louis Armstrong

a) Satchmo
b) Horn Man
c) Rasper

For more fun and excitement, click on the link above!