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JSJBF Member Bands and Artists
387 Bands and Artists
518 Active Supporter (Individual/Family/Senior/Student) Members


Doug Deming & the Jeweltones featuring Dennis Gruenling [Blues]
Tad Schaefer & the Third Degree [Chicago and Texas style blues]
AC Steel & the Galvanizers [Blues, rockability, funk]
Adam Najemian [Blues, soul]
After Effect Jazz Band [Jazz] *
Al Wright Unit [Jazz Be-Bop, Avant-Guarde] *
Alexis P. Suter [Blues, R&B, Gospel and Soul] *
Almost Original Swampgrass Jug Band [Acoustic blues, roots orginals]
Andrea Brachfeld and Phoenix Rising Jazz [Latin Jazz]
Andy Bernstein []
Andy Rothstein Group [ Jazz Fusion]
Anita Ferrer [rock/jazz] *
Arlene the Violinist [Jazz & Blues]
Atlantic Jazz Company [Jazz]
Audrey Silver []
B.D. Lenz [Jazz, Funk, Latin] *
Bakin’ Fat [Blues & blues based jazz, swing, country] *
Barbecue Bob & The Spareribs [Blues/Rockabilly Blues/Swamp Blues] *
BD Mylo and the Go Daddys [Jazz,Blues. R&B] *
Benny Hi-Fi & The Aces [] *
Bethe Burns and Vic Schioppo [jazz]
Big Mike & The Perpetrators [Blues] *
Bill Henry Trio [Jazz]
Billy Hector Band [Blues, Rock] *
Billy Ryan & the Bluescasters [Blues] *
Blackberry Blues Band [Rhythm & Blues]
Blue Jay Slim & The Tone Blasters [Blues]
Blue Jersey Band [Swing, Gypsy Jazz, Bluegrass]
Blue Mood [Blues/Rock/Funk]
Blue Reign [Rockin’ Blues]
Blues Collar Band [Blues]
Blues Tattoo [blues]
Bob Denson Band [Blues]
Bob Farley [Poetry, Comedy] *
Bob Lamothe Blues Band [Blues] *
Bradford Hayes Band [Jazz] *
Brass Illusion [Covers with Brass Instruments]
Breakaway [] *
Captain Davey And The Rumrunners [Jazz,Blues] *
Carlos Colina & Straight Up [Blues with a jazz edge]
Carol Gileski Band [] *
Carol Moog Band [Blues] *
Carol Selick & Blind Lemon Cello [Blues] *
Castle Browne Band [blues]
Center Street [Jazz,Blues] *
Charlie Apicella & IRON CITY [jazz, organ trio]
Chaz de Paolo [blues, rock] *
Chelsea Palermo [Jazz Standards] *
Cheryl Parker [Vocal Jazz] *
Chris Buono [Avant-Jazz-Funk-Rock-Guitar] *
Chris Thomas Band [Jazz,Blues,Funk,Rock] *
Christian Ace [blues, blues rock]
Chuck Lambert Band [Chicago Blues, Texas Blues]
Cigar Box Stompers [Blues rock]
Citizens Band Radio [Roots Rock & Roll]
Cliff Bloodgood [Acoustic Blues, Folk, Rock]
Close To The Bone [Contemporary Blues & R&B]
Colts Neck Swing Band [Big Band Swing]
Common Courtesy [Rock/Alternative/Indie] *
Craig Yaremko Quartet [Jazz] *
Crimson Sky [Blues]
Damian and the DCQ [jazz fusion]
Dan Rongo/ ONESONG [Rock, Pop, R&B,Jazz and Comedy]
Dan Wilensky Quartet [jazz/blues/funk//soul/bossa/rock]
DAP (Drums and Poetry) [Ethnic Percussion] *
DataBass [Blues] *
David ”Fathead” Newman [Jazz, Blues, R&B, and Gospel]
David Coppa & Scrapple [Blues]
David Winograd []
Dean Shot [Blues]
Deanna Bogart [Blues and Boogie] *
Debbie Willis [Vocal Jazz, Gospel] *
Del Rosso Express [Blues]
Delta Rays [Blues] *
Direction 356 [Gospel & Jazz] *
Do Dads [Latin Jump Dance Blues] *
Dockta D & The Infirmary [blues]
Doli and the Llamas [Blues based R/B] *
Dorian Parreott Jazz Ensemble [Jazz]
Dorothy Leigh [Adult Contemporary Jazz & R&B]
Dorothy Sikora and Robert Elinson Jazz Band [Latin Jazz, World Beat, Smooth Jazz]
Double Standards [Jazz, Latin Jazz & Blues]
Doug Munro [Jazz Guitar]
Dr. Dave and Friends [] *
Dukes of Destiny [Blues,Soul] *
Eddy Cooper Band [Blues]
Edens Unknown [Rock, Blues]
Eldad Tarmu [jazz, crossover]
Enzo & The Bakers [Blues, Funk, Rock] *
Eryn Shewell Band [Blues]
Everald Williams Jazz Trio [Jazz] *
Fairview Fix Youth Jazz Ensemble [jazz]
FATBACK formerly Jazz Pollution [Jazz/Funk]
Father Funk [Smooth Jazz, Classic R&B] *
Filthy Rich and The Poor Boys [Blues] *
Frank Fotusky [Acoustic Blues] *
Frankie Bell Princess of the Blues & Jazz [Blues] *
Full Circle [Blues, Funk, R&B and Jazz] *
Funktion 11 [Jazz,Funk,Blues,Dance,Disco,R&B,Motown]
Furley [Jazz, Fusion, Latin, World Beat] *
Gabriele & Tangible Truth [Jazz,Blues, Rock, Soul fusion] *
Gary Cavico & Stone Blue [Jersey Blues, R&B, Rock & Roll]
Gary Struncius [Family, folk, blues] *
Georgie Bonds Band [Blues] *
Gina Fox Band [blues, jazz, other] *
Goldenseal [Blues, Rock]
Gordon James Band [Brass Jazz, Latin, R&B, Pop]
Greg Piccolo & Heavy Juice [Blues] **
Grupo Yuri [jazz]
GW Toye & The Blues All Stars [Blue]
Half Note Away [Jazz,Blues] *
Hap Moore & John Cap [Delta Blues] *
Hartley Stevens Band [Jazz,Blues]
Hi-Way 13 Blues Band [Blues] *
Hit Single: The One Man Band [] *
Hollie Baines [Vocal Jazz]
Hot Sauce Blues Band [Blues] *
Hubert Sumlin [Blues] **
III Blue J’s [Blues, Rock] *
Invaders [Blues/Rock]
Iris Ornig, Bassist/Composer [Jazz Bassist/Composer]
Isis’ Tribe [Ethnic Drum Rhythms] *
Jade Fire [Rock, Blues] *
Jake Tavill [rock,jazz, blues,folk, soul]
James Dalton [Blues, Acoustic] *
James Day and the Fish Fry []
James Joseph [Folk Blues] *
James Pelligrino [Jazz] *
JazzFunktion [Jazz, Funk, Latin Jazz, Smooth Jazz, R+B, Blues,]
Jeff Saxon [Jazz, Blues, R&R] *
Jennifer Jordan Band [Blues]
Jerry Dugger & the Dugger Brothers []
Jerry Gilbert Band [Blues] *
Jerry Topinka [Jazz]
Jerry Weinstein [Jazz,Blues] *
Jimmy Pritchard [Blues]
Jive,Jump & Wail [House Rockin’ music]
Jo Wymer [Blues, Gospel, Rock] *
JoBonanno and the Godsons of Soul []
Jody Joseph Band [Blues/Classic Rock]
Joe White [Jazz, Blues] *
Joe Who and the Who -Tet [Jazz, Blues, Latin] *
Joe Zook and Blues Deluxe [Blues, Blues Rock, Jump]
John Carlini Quartet [Jazz, Bluegrass] *
John Farnsworth Quintet [Jazz] *
John Padovano [Folk, Blues, Jazz] *
Johnny Childs Band [Electric Blues]
Johnny Fed & Da Bluez Boyz [Blues]
Jonny B & The Blues Blazers [Blues / Pop]
JPD Project [jazz]
Juke Joint Jonny [Blues]
Jump Back Blues [Original & Cover Blues]
Jumpin Jack Strobel [Jazz, Blues]
June Evans & Mercy City [Jazz,Blues, R&B, Motown] *
Junior Mack [Blues] *
Karen Lee & Sympathetic Resonance [Jazz, Blues, R&B Pop, Funk, Reggae]
Karen Rodriguez Latin Jazz [Latin Jazz]
Karl Latham [Jazz Drummer] *
Kathleen P. Rosner []
Kati Beddow Brower [Blues & Jazz]
Kelli Sanders [Jazz, Blues] *
Kevin Brennan [Jazz,Blues, Rock] *
Killer Blues Band [Blues]
Kimon & the Prophets [Blues, Rock, Covers]
Koko Taylor [Blues] **
Laranah Phipps [Jazz,Blues] *
Lasher and the Flashers [blues]
Lauren Hooker Jazz Vocalist [Jazz] *
Layonne Holmes [Soul,Rock,Gospel,Jazz, Acapella]
Len Entrabartolo [Solo Pianist]
Leslie Ford & Group [Jazz, Blues] *
Leticia Walker [Jazz,Blues, pop, gospel] *
Lil’ Bastad [Blues] *
Little Dave and the Chess Kings Blues Band [Blues] *
Lone Shark [Blues, Blues-Rock, Rhythm & Bl] *
Lou Kady Band [Jazz] *
Mary Hawkins Blues Band [Blues] *
Mary’s Thorn [Blues] *
Matt O’Ree [Blues]
Matt Wade [Piano Rock/Pop/Jazz]
Mauricio De Souza [Jazz Standards, Brazilian Jazz]
Medicine Man [Jazz, Blues] *
Melissa Martin and the Mighty Rhythm Kings [Jump Blues] *
Michael Packer Blues Band [blues]
Midnight Shift [Blues, 50’s rock and rockabilly] *
Miho Nobuzane Samba Jazz Group [Samba, Jazz, Blues]
Mike Barris [Vintage Jazz and Blues]
Mike Guldin and Rollin’ & Tumblin Band [Blues] *
Mike Kaplan Nonet [Jazz] *
Mikey Junior & Stone Cold Blues Band [blues]
MISbHAVIN! with Pat Hunter & Danny Kean [Blues] *
Mojo Sons [Blues] *
Moose & the Bulletproof Blues Band [Blues]
Mudbelly Blues Band [Blues, Jump, Boogie, Swing]
MZum� Carnivale [Brazilian Rhythms] *
Nanette Delaune Quartet [Jazz]
Narrow Escape Duo [vintage jazz, swing and standards]
Nat Janoff [Jazz] *
Nat Janoff [Jazz] *
New York Blues Project [Blues]
Nick Stefanacci Band []
Nicole Hart & The NRG Band [Blues & R&B] *
Night Train [Jazz, Blues] *
Nikki Armstrong Band [jazz/standards/blues/funk/R&B] *
Nite Crawlers [blues] *
NiteCap [] *
No Name James & Butter Ball [Blues,Funk,Jazz & Rock] *
No WiFi [Jazz, Blues, Pop]
Norman Taylor [Acoustic Blues, R&B, Singer-Songwriter]
Nu-Horizon [Jazz] *
OCA Records [] *
Octavia and The Earthblood Blues Band [Jazz,Blues] *
Outside The Box [Blues]
Outsiders Blues Band [Blues] *
Pamela Betti and the Bluebloods [Blues] *
Paradox [Jazz] *
Pat Karwan [Blues/Jazz]
Patrice Jegou [] *
Patrizsha [Bluesy Rock & Soul, Jazz, Blues] *
Patti Bramson [Soft Acoustic] *
Paul Nelsons Blues Band [Blues] *
Peter V & Blues Train [Blues & Swing]
PH101 [Progressive Blues, Jazz]
Phil Berkowitz & Louis’ Blues [Blues] *
Philadelphia Funk Authority [Funk, Jazz, Blues] *
Philly Gumbo [Blues, New Orleans R & B, Soul, Funk, Reggae]
Plan B [R and B, Smooth Jazz]
Porkroll Project [Blues] *
PPJunior & The BlueHawks [East Coast Blues] *
Quantum Blues [Acoustic Blues] *
Queen Tipsy [Jazz] *
Quiet Storm [Smooth Jazz] *
Quincy Mumford Band [Surf Rock/Reggae/Acoustic]
Radam Schwartz Band [Jazz] **
Ramblin Dawgs [Rockin Blues] *
Ray Gomez [Blues, Jazz] *
Ray Rodriguez y Swing Sabroso [Jazz, Salsa] *
RB3 The Red Bank Blues Band [Blues]
RD3 [Jazz, Blues] *
Real Trouble Trio [Jazz,Blues] *
RedHouse [Blues] *
Richard Ray Farrell Band [Jazz, Blues] *
Richard Reiter [Jazz] *
Richard Scott & Bill Harth [Jazz, Blues] *
Road Apple Band [Jazz, Blues] *
Road Scholars [Blues, Boogie, Rock] *
Rob Paparozzi [Blues/jazz]
Robert Ender [Blues/Classic/Pop Rock]
Robert Ross Band [Blues] *
Rogues on the Run [Blues]
Ron Kraemer and the Hurricanes [Blues] *
Ron Sunshine & Full Swing [Blues/Swing] *
Rose Andrez [jazz/pop] *
Rosemary Conte & Friends – Jazz, blues, cabaret [Jazz, Blues, Cabaret] *
Roxy Perry New York Blues Queen [Blues]
Russ Gurneys Blues on Tap [Blues,Jazz, R+B]
Russell Deinstadt [Rock/Blues]
Ryan Hartt & the Blue Hearts [Blues] *
Sandy Mack Band [Blues]
Sandy Sasso [Jazz]
SaRon Crenshaw [Blues and Jazz]
Scott Weis Band [Blues] *
Secret Sound [Jazz, Blues, Funk, Latin] *
Series of Shocks [Jazz,Blues] *
Shadetree Mechanics [Blues, Rock]
Shari Pine [Stone cold Blues & soul]
Shore Blue [Blues]
ShottyMike & The MadHeads [Rock & Roll, Blues Fusion] *
Siora [Jazz,Blues] *
Slapfolk [modern fingerstyle guitar] *
slapjack [Rock/blues]
Slim Chance & the Gamblers [Blues and More]
Slippery Chickens [Blues & Rockability]
Smoke & Mirrors [Rock]
Snapperhead Zydeco Band [Blues, Zydeco] *
Snow Project [Jazz & other]
Sonny Kenn Band [Blues] *
Soul Mojo [Blues]
Soul Project [New Orleans Jazz/Funk/R&B]
South Saturn Delta [Blues, Funk] *
Southern Steel [Southern Rock] *
SpellBound [Jazz, Blues] *
Spring [Acoustic pop with a groove] *
Steve & Myrna [Cabaret, Blues, Jazz, Big Band] *
Steve Cal Band [Blues]
Steve Calafati Group [Latin Jazz] *
Stevie and the Bluescasters [ Blues, gospel, country some R&B]
Stringbean & The Stalkers [Blues] *
Sunny Daze [jazz] *
Supreme Court [Blues] *
Suzy Q & The Crew [] *
Swamp Nut Blues Band [Blues] *
Swingadelic [Swing]
T.J. Wheeler [Blues and Jazz]
Ten Foot Tall [Original blues based roots ,rock with Jazz influen]
That Band [Blues, R&B, Classic Rock, Soul] *
The Baby Seals [Jazz/Rock/Fusion]
The BassBoards Blues Band [Blues] *
The Bell Bottom Blues [Eric Clapton Tribute Band]
The Billies [Country Rock, Blues, Pop] *
The Blues Hounds [Rock and Roll, classic Blues] *
The Bob Lanza Blues Band [Chicago Blues]
The Burr Johnson Band [Jazz,Blues, funk, fusion]
The Cab Calloway Orchestra [Jazz, Blues] *
The Cal Vetrane Blues Band [Blues]
The Carol Heffler Quartet [Jazz] *
The Christopher Dean Band [Blues, Soul] *
The Cobra Brothers [Jazz,Blues]
The Congregation [Original Blues, American,Folk, Rock] *
The Conjugals [Jazz, pop, Blues]
The Cosmic Cousin Trio [rock/blues/funk/jazz/jam/fusion]
The Dana Fuchs Band [Blues] *
The Dana Gaynor Band [blues rock]
The Daniel Family Singers [Gospel] *
The Danny Petroni Blues Project [Blues]
The Dave Fields Band [Jazz,Blues, Rock] *
The Deb Callahan Band [Blues,Soul,Rock,Folk and Jazz]
The Dennis Peters Band [Blues]
The Detours [Blues, Funk]
The Dom Palombi Project [Jazz, Funk, Fusion, Rock]
The Eddie Lambert AXIS [Jimi Hendrix Tribute] *
The Elliott Baker Jazz Group [Jazz with some vocals] *
The Fins [Blues]
The Full Count []
The Full Count Big Band [Jazz,Blues,Nostalgia, Latin & Contempora]
The Gas House Gorillas [Jazz, Blues]
The GearJammers Band [Blues, Pop, world Beat, Southern Rock]
The Generators []
The Gerald Carboy Jazz Trio [Jazz, Fusion, Funk, R&B, Rock & Pop (Plays Bass )] *
The Grana [Jazz,Blues, Classic R&B, Class] *
The Great Fraud [blues,rock,roots]
The Gregg Gambone Quartet [Jazz] *
The Holy Goats [Blues, Rock] *
The Incinerators [Blues]
The Jason Ricci Band []
The Jazz Lobsters [Jazz]
The Jeanne Lozier Band [Blues] *
The John Tropea Band [Blues] *
The Lee Delray Band [blues, Blues Rock, Soul]
The Lifters []
The Long Gone Daddies [New Oldtime Music]
The Mimi Nowak Project [Blues rock]
The Rhythm Doctors [Funk & Soul]
The RocketMen [Roots Music, Jump Blues] *
The Roger Girke Band [Blues] *
The Royal Blue Bloods [Blues] *
The Sixth Street Quaternion [jazz, blues]
The Smok’n Alternaters [blues/rock] *
The Soul Searchers [Blues] *
The Stephen Parker Band [Folk, Acoustic Rock] *
The Thom Palmer Band [Jazz, Blues] *
The Tonemasters [Jump Blues] *
The Tru [Rock/Pop/Soul]
The Usual Suspects [Blues, Swing]
The VooDUDES [Funk, Blues, Zydeco]
The Willie Mitchell Collaboration [Blues] *
Thomas Mallery [Jazz,Blues] *
TK and the Howlers [Rockin’ Blues]
Tom and Sandy Doyle [Les Paul/ Mary Ford Tribute & Swing Jazz]
Tom Craig and the Soul Patch Band [Blues, RB, Soul]
Tom Richards [jazzy-punk] *
Tom Timko [Jazz,]
Tommy Anton [Folk Rock] *
Toni Lynn Washington [blues/r&b] *
Tony Trischka and the Tony Trischka Band [Jazz, Blues] *
Too Blue Lou And The Groove [Jazz, Hip Hop, Rap] *
Tri City Jazz [Jazz]
Triple Threat [blues]
Ty Mares and the Running Dog Band [blues]
Uncle Funky [Bluesey Nawlin�s Rockin� Roots]
Urban Groove Band [Jazz] *
Valarie Adams & Dimension Band [smooth] *
Vel Johnson and the Jazz Eclipses [JAZZ]
Vinnie Corrao [Jazz] *
ViRAGO [Jazz, Blues, Rock. Latin Reggae]
Vital Support Band [Blues, Soul, Funk] *
VyntEdge Rockin Blues Band []
Weathered Sol [Blues]
What the Funk [Funk/Soul]
Woodfish [Rock, Progressive,Funk]
XL [Light Jazz, Funk] *
Yardena & Zona Tropical [Blues, Swing, Latin] *
YoliAlto & Gypsies of Soul [Jazz,Blues, Latin blend] *
Yorktown [Blues, R&B, Funk, Rock, Jazz] *
Yosi [Family] *
Yvette Norwood-Tiger [Jazz] *
Zucchini Brothers [Blues]

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** = Complimentary Membership

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