Band Together for Veterans

Annual Fundraiser Presented by The JSJBF

May @ Bar Anticipation

More about the 2019 event 5/19/2019 – here

Band Together is a charity event organized by local musicians Charlie Wuth and John Fernandez in conjunction with production services by the Jersey Shore Jazz & Blues Foundation. The purpose is to generate some much-needed funding for local programs that provide treatment for combat related PTSD, services to the veteran homeless, and suicide prevention.

This event also brings veterans friends and families to enjoy a day of great music performances. Each year we bring some of the best local, regional and national musicians together. We thank them for donating their time and incredible talent to this worthy cause.

THIS YEAR – 2019: We are doing something special this year. Each band performing on the Front Stage includes at least one Veteran as a member. We are also drawing attention to the overlooked female veterans that serve our country. They do not get the recognition and appreciation they deserve. Two of the groups contain a female veteran.

How Band Together for Veterans Got Started

The first Band Together for Veterans took place in 2016 organized by Matt D’esposito, John Fernandez and Charlie Wuth. The event was born when the JSJBF fundraising workgroup called Band Together was working on a Helpin Harp event. The idea was to host an event with bands that had at least one veteran in the group. The first Band Together for Veterans event was held in 2016 and raised $5,000.00. It was such a success that we decided to do it every year.

This event is produced by The Jersey Shore Jazz & Blues Foundation a 501 (C3) Non-Profit organization.