Jersey Shore Jazz & Blues Foundation


The Jersey Shore Jazz & Blues Foundation (JSJBF) is a non-profit 501.c.3 corporation whose mission is to Preserve, Promote, and Perpetuate Jazz and Blues in the northern New Jersey shore region through PERFORMANCE and EDUCATION.

MISSION: To preserve, promote, and perpetuate jazz, blues, and other indigenous music forms here in New Jersey.

JSJBF is managed by the Foundation Manager, who reports to the Board of Trustees. The organization has a rapidly growing membership base of over 300 members which includes PERFORMING members (the bands) and SUPPORTING members (individual and family members), and SPONSORS.

Performing Members are given opportunities to perform in JSJBF produced and managed events, as well opportunities that come to us through performance venues, producers and agents (the organization takes no additional fees for this support). Supporting Members receive JSJBF publications, discounts and may actively support the organization through membership in its Committees and through Volunteer service.

Our Organizational Programs include:

  • FESTIVALS, FUNDRAISERS, and CONCERT SERIES, such as the Jersey Shore Jazz and Blues Festival, Harpin’ Help, and Reckless Steamy Nights.
  • MUSICIAN SUPPORT Program for Performing members
  • Annual college SCHOLARSHIP for aspiring music students
  • Jazz’n’Blues IN THE SCHOOLS Educational Jazz and Blues program for K-12 students


President: Tom BaldinoJohn Dammacco
VP:  Dennis EschbachJohn Fernandez
Treasurer:  Emil KattermannWayne Kessler
Secretary:  Chris ZemlaTina Lobosco
Past President: Eddie CooperGary Neuwirth
Joseph Vincent Riggio
Rich Skelly

Foundation Manager
Doris Lazur, DC

Director of Communication
Chris Zemla

JSJBF Office

PO Box 8713 Red Bank, NJ 07701


Long Branch Jazz and Blues Festival Committee

The Long Branch committee coordinates the Long Branch Jazz & Blues Festival.

Dennis Eschbach, Chair

Listening Committee

The Listening Committee meets regularly throughout the year to listen to incoming CDs and look through press kits. This committee chooses the performers for all major JSJBF events.

Education Committee

The Education Committee meets regularly throughout the year to implement new educational programs on jazz and blues throughout the community.

Chris Zemla, Chair

Volunteer Committee

The Volunteer Committee meets regularly throughout the year to encourage the active participation of Volunteers in the Foundation’s events.

Tom Baldino, Chair

IBC Committee

The IBC Committee conducts the JSJBF competition concerts for the band and the CD we send to represent us at the International Blues Competition.

Gene Iadanza, Chair

Scholarship Committee

The scholarship committee arranges funding and selects the recipients of the JSJBF student scholarships.

Chris Zemla, Chair

Foundation Operations Committee

Dr. Doris Lazur
Foundation Manager

Nancy O’Hara

Membership Committee

The role of the membership committee is to manage current members and to attract new members.

  • Gary Neuwirth, Chair
  • Charles

Technology Committee

The technology team committee is responsible for supporting the website, social media, videos, email marketing, and other technologies used to help the foundation.

Public Relations/Marketing Committee

The Public Relations/Marketing Committee’s function shall be to develop and execute promotional and marketing strategies to stimulate awareness and visibility of the organization.

Co-Chairs: Wayne Kessler, John Dammacco

Guidelines for Non-Board-Member Committee Chairs

Any member in good standing who wishes to chair a standing committee may do so by having a board member submit his or her name to the board.

The member may be asked to address the board to describe his or her qualifications for the position and plans concerning the committee.

A board member will continue to act as liaison between the committee and the Board of Directors. The committee chair will keep the liaison advised of all activities of the committee. Any decision concerning JSJBF policy will be submitted to the Executive Committee for review and approval. The committee chair will prepare a written report for the board liaison prior to each monthly meeting of the Board of Directors.

Contact us with any questions via email at info@jsjbf.org

ADVERTISEMENTS and SPONSORSHIPS — Would like to ADVERTISE with JSJBF, get banner ads on our site and event programs? Or would you like to SPONSOR any of the many upcoming events? Please Contact US!

Current Sponsors

BANDS: Send all Press Kits, including CDs to the P.O. Box below for consideration in upcoming JSJBF events. Generally, only member bands are selected to play JSJBF events. More detail on JSJBF Band Membership is

Email: info@jsjbf.org
US Mail: PO Box 8713, Red Bank, New Jersey 07701
Phone: 732-933-1984